Shamaila Khan, Ph.D.


Dr. Khan (she/her) is a Clinical Psychologist and an Assistant Professor at the Boston University School Of Medicine / Boston Medical Center. She is additionally the Training Director of the Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology, and the Director for the Center for Multicultural Mental Health at BU/BMC. She has a Psychodynamic background and an interest in Postcolonial theory. Her specialty training is in Trauma: Individual trauma, group/community based trauma, disaster related trauma, immigration and postcolonial trauma. As such, Dr. Khan has been conducting the Family Support Center, focused on serving the BH needs of Covid19 patients and their families at BMC. She was recently the Director of Behavioral Health and Resiliency Services at the Massachusetts Resiliency Center, serving the survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Her additional interests are in multicultural clinical practice and multivariate aspects of identity development and she has presented on these topics at varying national and international conferences. She is an active member of several committees within the APA Division of Psychoanalysis (39). She additionally serves on the Disaster Behavioral Health Advisory Committee of the Massachusetts DMH. She is a recipient of several awards, most recently including the “Rising to the Occasion Award” for her work during the pandemic, the “Humanitarian Service Award” for her work with the Rohingyan Refugees in Bangladesh; the “Service Appreciation Award” for her work following the Boston Marathon Tragedy; “Woman of the Year Appreciation Award” by Pakistani Association of NY; and an “Outstanding service award” by the U. S. Attorney’s Office for services provided during the Tsarnaev trail. She is of Pakistani American descent and as a Muslim raised on three different continents, she is conversant in several languages.